Nerkonda Paarvai Full Movie Download, Song, Lyrics

Nerkonda Paarvai Full Movie Download

Nerkonda Paarvai Full Movie Download

Nerkonda Paarvai Full Movie Download

Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Story:

Adhik and his friends trap three independent women in a murder case. However, Bharath, a retired lawyer, learns of their plight and decides to help the three women. Three girls, who befriend a few influential youngsters under the influence of alcohol, realize they are in danger when one of them tries to molest a girl. The two parties file case against each other, after which the court looks into it.

Nerkonda paarvai Movie Review:

It’s been a while since Tamil cinema has witnessed a court drama. Nerkonda Paarvai, the remake of Bollywood film, Pink, brings back the genre to Kollywood. With arresting performances of artistes and an engaging screenplay that touches upon a sensitive issue, H Vinoth manages to stay true to the original version.

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The story begins with Meera, Famita, and Andrea (Shraddha, Abhirami, Andrea) bumping into the gang of boys, Adhik, Venky, and Viswa (Arjun, Aswin, Adhik) at a concert. The latter invites the former for dinner and a couple of drinks, and they all go to a resort to unwind. At a certain point, Adhik tries to molest Meera, and she attacks him with a bottle on his head. The girls flee from the place after realizing the consequence. They decide to file a police complaint after they were threatened by the boys. The latter, too, file an attempt to murder case against Meera, after which the court looks into it.

The movie discusses a relevant topic in our times – consent from women before moving close with her. It attacks the regressive, patriarchal mindset of tagging women as good and bad based on their choices and freedom in our society, which often is run by rules laid by men.

Thee Mugam Dhaan Song Lyrics:

Thee Mugam Dhaan Lyrics from the movie Nerkonda Paarvai is sung by Sathyan ,Senthil Dass , Sarath Santhosh. The song has been sung by composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. Lyrics has been penned by Pa Vijay. If you can Intrested to watch Nerkonda Paarvai Movie Download.


Thee Mugam Dhaan Lyrics – Nerkonda Paarvai

Thee Mugam Dhaan
Yaar Ivan Dhaan
Oor Adi Dhaan
Paar Idi Dhaan

Nee Ethiriya Uthiriya
Pathariye Vaa
Imaipathum Vedi
Ivan Nerukkadi

Vaa Modhipaaru
Adichu Midhichu
Aattam Mudikka
Vaa Vettaiyaadu

Vellai Thaadi
Velicham Adikka
Poi Enni Paaru
Udhacha Odhaiyil
Udanja Elumba
Yaar Indha Aalu
Erangi Pudippan
Ethiri Naramba

Pirichu Pirichu Meyuran
Thorathi Thorathi Velukkuran
Ulla Kodhikkum Neruppathan
Urichu Urichu Edukkuran

Adanga Adanga Marukkuran
Alanga Kalanga Midhikiran
Puratti Puratti Edukkuran
Paiyil Puyala Adaikkiran


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